Up and away!

Jennifer Carrasco has a new focus and is embarking on another visual adventure…

Accent now on mural panels and canvases, sizes up to 5x9 feet.

Featuring favorite images of animals, birds, and butterflies, aloft with tiny elegant costumed humans going along for the ride. A fantastical airborne world!

This new work is available for commissions. Contact Jennifer Carrasco for information on prices and sizes!

Tommy Bahama Design Team

Retail Store Murals

Jennifer has been an asset to our creative team for several years with her keen sense of design and willingness to be a collaborative partner.

Tony and Sonja Prata

Residential Mural

Jennifer did extensive research to ensure that all of the elements in each project were accurate; down to the tiniest of insects.

Tommy Bahama Design Team

Retail Store Murals

Her finished products always exceed our expectations and are more delightful than we could have imagined.

Tom Douglas

Palace Kitchen Restaurant Mural

When I approached Jennifer Carrasco about a vision I had for the Palace Kitchen, I never would have believed how well she could carry it out. Jennifer is Seattle’s premiere muralist!

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