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Jennifer Carrasco


After 25 years of teaching art and exhibiting her paintings in galleries ranging from Manila, Philippines, to Atlanta, Georgia, Jennifer Carrasco first experienced working with decorative art when she repainted 58 wooden antique carrousel animals in Spokane, Washington.

More commissions followed, and by 1992 Jennifer had become an established decorative painter, designing and executing everything from logos and illustrations to trompe l’oeil murals, and murals on all the walls and ceilings of a 30x40 foot ballroom.

In 2005, Carrasco was chosen to do the poster for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Over the past few years, she has done 30 murals for Tommy Bahama stores in the United States and abroad. Other projects have ranged from mural landscapes for clients in Austin, Texas, the foothills of Yosemite, and a 300 linear foot chinoiserie mural in a Vashon Island, Washington, residence. Most recently, Carrasco finished and installed a 30x8 foot India fantasy residential mural in Pasadena, California. Currently, Carrasco is working on a painting for a residence, a 10x5 foot mural of the Seattle Pike Place Market.

Carrasco graduated with a BA in Art and Education from Washington State University and was a graduate student at the University of Washington, as well as attending two years of graphic technology, design, and illustration at Seattle Central Community College. In the '60s, she worked as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines and remained in the country for 16 years, painting and teaching art. From 1986 to 1996, Jennifer was an NEA artist in residence in five different states and traveled in Japan and Korea as an artist in residence in US overseas schools. Since the early '90s, she has managed her own mural business in Seattle.

Jennifer Carrasco has combined personal interpretation, painstaking historical research and period details, into an innovative series of murals in private residences and commercial establishments from Hawaii to Dubai. Each of her projects has been an adventure, a collaboration where she works with clients to create unique and beautiful visual environments.

Artist Statement

My criteria for my commercial work is that it should be interesting, that I can learn something new, that I am not expected to copy anyone else, and that it doesn’t conflict with my values.

If these criteria are met, and I’m being paid appropriately for the project, I’ll paint anything.

Spokane Carrousel Animals and myself. I touched up, repainted and repaired dings in these beautiful antique wooden sculptures. All 58 of them. Four different times. Working on these animals in a  heated glass building in the dead of a snowy Spokane winter. Unforgettable.
p 10 TB Work in progress Myrtle Beach
My most complex commercial mural project was for a ballroom in a private dining club called The Ruins. Here I am, surrounded by some of the initial plans and sketches and the final installed murals. These ballroom murals covered the 17’ high walls and ceiling of a 30x40’ room and were focused on the theme of the great Pacific Northwest before the time of the European and American explorers. I did a year of designing and research before I put paint to canvas. The painting itself took 9 months, and I finished a month before           	       deadline. Photo by Daniel Shapiro.

Tommy Bahama Design Team

Retail Store Murals

Jennifer has been an asset to our creative team for several years with her keen sense of design and willingness to be a collaborative partner.

Tony and Sonja Prata

Residential Mural

Jennifer did extensive research to ensure that all of the elements in each project were accurate; down to the tiniest of insects.

Tommy Bahama Design Team

Retail Store Murals

Her finished products always exceed our expectations and are more delightful than we could have imagined.

Tom Douglas

Palace Kitchen Restaurant Mural

When I approached Jennifer Carrasco about a vision I had for the Palace Kitchen, I never would have believed how well she could carry it out. Jennifer is Seattle’s premiere muralist!

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