I paint animals engaged with the world and each other. Like the creatures in Kipling’s Mowgli, they speak in peace to each other and to chosen humans: “We be of one blood, thee and I.*

*Bestiary Notes
Animals in Clothes: Creatures think we are very silly. No fur or feathers to keep off the sun and the rain. No wonder we wear such ridiculous coverings. Animals will try our outfits on, and make fun of us behind our backs. Sometimes I spy them at night wearing clothes from my closet. They think I am sleeping.
Animals in Society: Dressing in style in Washington D.C. in the 1930s.
Animals at Home: I portray animals of all types at ease in their environments and with each other. I imagine them having conversations and enjoying their interactions. No animal, even the predators, are fierce or famished. They live in a flowery Eden of my making. All of these are images are selected from my large mural projects. Acrylic on canvas.
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